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Disc Golf Vendors

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Red dots indicate locally-owned shops that focus on disc golf.
Orange dots are other local shops that have some disc golf merchandise.
Gray dots are national chain stores that stock some disc golf discs.

Note: Vendors that have a person's name listed after the business name are disc golfers who sell discs from their home/garage/basement/van, so you should always e-mail or call first to make sure they're available to sell you plastic. If you know of a shop we should add to this list, please post a note in the forum.

A map of all the Oregon and Washington vendors is at the bottom of the page.


Portland & Northwest Oregon

The Willamette Valley

Southwestern Oregon

Central & Eastern Oregon


Olympic Peninsula/West Sound


Northwestern Washington

Southwestern Washington

Eastern Washington & NW Idaho

On-Line / Nationwide

Clearwater Disc Golf Store

Clearwater, FL

Large selection of collectible discs; $6.49 shipping (free on orders over $35)

Disc Golf Center

Winter Park, FL

Free shipping on all orders over $12; pick your exact color & weight

Disc Golf Station

Fort Worth, TX

Free shipping; pick your exact color & weight

Disc Golf Values

Anaheim, CA

Innova only; many fund-raiser and x-out discs


Klickitat, WA

New Site still in the early stages. Check back often!

Gotta Go Gotta Throw

Minneapolis, MN

$6 shipping

Marshall Street Disc Golf

Leicester, MA

$6 shipping (free on orders over $50); pick your exact color & weight

Prime Discs

Leicester, MA

Free shipping; pick your exact color & weight

Sun King Disc Sports

Brooksville, FL

$6.50 shipping (free on orders over $49)

eBay: Disc Golf

Various vendors/locations